Mastrojanni Wine Relais


Our Story

Be surprised

“A better preliminary practice than any other is the practice of wonder. Practice not knowing and being amazed.” –  Chandra Candiani

At Mastrojanni Relais, we celebrate the connection with beauty, the terroir, and time. Beautiful things need to follow a very specific path to born and reach maturityHere, nature blends into an evocative landscape with contrasting but perfectly harmonious identities: vineyards, woods, Mount Amiata, and the Orcia River.

We follow the natural cycles, we dedicate the necessary time to the maturation of our wine, to the care of the olive trees, and to the cultivation of our orchards.

Every day we surrender to scents and flavors, we slow down and breathe an atmosphere of timeless elegance given by those invisible details. Here we be amazed by curiosity and a way of looking at the world.

Our way of life

A bit of history

Our story began in 1975 with the Mastrojanni family who decided to renovate the two ancient farms Loreto and San Pio on a hill not far from Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The farms, originally ancient lookouts, bear witness to the passage of the Etruscans and Romans, transforming in the Middle Ages into a bulwark to defend the Via Francigena and the famous “Via dei Papi”.

This place soon became a country house with an attached winery, and in 2011, a new restoration brought new life to the “borgo”. In 2019, Mastrojanni Relais opened the gates, a place full of spirituality and power.

Today the wine cellar is located a few steps from the Resort and Francesco Illy’s ownership, with a team of young enthusiasts, shares the extraordinary emotion of beauty to be discovered in the small everyday things.

Panorama colline Montalcino
Vigneti Montalcino